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Scholarship Program

The Create Columbia scholarship program has been established to support individual education in the arts. 



A Create Columbia Scholarship Committee will receive and review scholarship applications. The
committee will consist of an odd number of individuals but shall not have less than three members. At
least one member of the Create Columbia Scholarship Committee must serve on the Create
Columbia Board of Directors. The Chairperson of Create Columbia will appoint the scholarship
committee members at the inception of the program, or when a vacancy occurs due to resignation or
removal for non-participation. The committee will award scholarships according to the following
guidelines based on availability of funds.

Scholarships in amounts not to exceed $500 may be awarded after successful submission of a
Create Columbia Scholarship Application form. Only one scholarship may be granted in a calendar
year. Candidates may reapply in the following calendar year. Reapplication does not guarantee the
awarding of a follow-up scholarship.

When reviewing applications, the scholarship committee will consider those applicants who meet the
one or both of the following criteria:

1) applicant resides in Columbia Borough; or
2) applicant will receive instruction from a school or educator located in Columbia Borough.


Preference will be given to applicants who meet both criteria. Applicants who do not meet either
criterion are welcome to submit a request and may be awarded a scholarship if there are no
applicants who meet criterion #1 or #2.

Create Columbia will not award scholarships to any of its directors or their family members, or to
members of its selection committee or their family members.

Application Process

Interested individuals may apply for a scholarship by submitting the following documents.

1) Completed application form
2) Letter of recommendation completed by an individual other than your arts educator or a family
3) Invoice showing the cost, if matriculating to an institute of higher learning.

Forms should be mailed to Create Columbia Scholarship Program, PO Box 328, Columbia PA 17512.
Applications will be reviewed by the selection committee and will be awarded based on merit
following the criteria defined above.

Payment Process

Scholarships awarded will be paid directly to the educational institution or educator identified on the
scholarship application. Payments will be made upon receipt of an invoice. In the case of institutions
of higher learning, the invoice for the upcoming period of learning (semester, trimester, etc.) will
suffice. In the case of private educators or local schools of the arts, invoicing should reflect learning
that occurred. Time periods for these invoices (monthly, at the end of the scholarship term, etc.) will
be determined between the selection committee and the educator at the time the scholarship is


Create Columbia Scholarships will be funded through donor solicitation, Create Columbia budget
donations, and fundraising programs. All funds raised for scholarships will be designated as such
and will not be used on any other manner. No monies will be retained by Create Columbia for
administrative costs.

Document Retention

Create Columbia will retain all paperwork related to scholarship applications for three years. This
retention policy applies to both applications awarded scholarships and applications denied
scholarships. Paperwork for rejected applications will include reasons for such rejections.

Create Columbia, an initiative of the Columbia Downtown Development Corporation, aims to promote
Columbia while fostering an active and vibrant arts community.

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